Match Day

After four years of medical education, students gather to learn of the next chapter's promise

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March 15 was an eventful day for fourth-year medical students. At noon they gathered in an auditorium to find out where they had matched for residency. With a standing room only crowd of classmates, faculty, staff, and family showing support, each student walks to the front, deposits a dollar in a bowl (last one called up received the traditional bounty), opens an envelope and gets the news.

“It really is the day that you are bound to go be a doctor somewhere,” Alexandra Coria said in the hours leading up to the ceremony. “You just feel on the cusp of all kinds of potential for your future, and I’m nervous and excited for all of my friends, who I’ve seen go through this process as well of becoming a doctor. I think it’s going to be just a very emotional but very exciting day.”

When it was finally time for Coria to open her envelope, she found the words she was hoping to see. She matched into the combined residency program at Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center, where she’ll practice pediatrics in an urban health and advocacy track. “It’s exactly where I want to be and exactly who I want to be with, so it’s fantastic,” she says.

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