Lwala, Kenya

Dartmouth Grads' Honor Parents, Transform Lives

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Milton Ochieng' (Dartmouth College '04) and his younger brother, Fred Ochieng', (Dartmouth College '05), co-founded the Lwala (Kenya) Community Alliance and -- with the help of students, faculty, and others at Dartmouth and other supporters -- built the Ochieng' Memorial Lwala Community Health Center in 2007 to honor their parents who died of AIDS, and to improve the health of the community.

William Young, MD, Geisel School of Medicine Ob/Gyn Faculty Emeritus, has known the Ochieng' brothers since a Dartmouth program in Nicaragua in 2001, and worked in Lwala, Kenya with them since 2005, when the first medical clinics "were under a tree," according to Young. Young dedicates much of his time now to improving maternal and child health in the Lwala region, and continues to serve on the Lwala Community Alliance Board. Milton and Fred are now working on their medical residencies, after graduating from Vanderbilt Medical School. Learn more about their inspiring story and how the Lwala Community Alliance is transforming lives.

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