Beachley (D '62, DMS '63)

The memories are unforgettable

  • Michael C. Beachley, M.D., D '62, DMS '63Michael C. Beachley, M.D., D '62, DMS '63

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You have requested memories of the impact DMS has had on us, in honor of match day on March 15. It is particularly appropriate to respond on this request, our class's 50th reunion year.

The memories are unforgettable. We worked very hard, with classes 6 days a week back then, and the small class resulted in a close bonding of our class as well as with the faculty. It really provided a terrific foundation for our entire medical careers.

I have included two photos from our time at DMS. One is of our class outside the medical school with our aprons on while we were in cadaver dissecting lab! Dr. Harry Savage, our Anatomy professor, is in the front with the cigarette in his hand!

These were wonderful years, and we will never forget them.

Michael C. Beachley, M.D., D '62, DMS '63

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