Rachel Brickman '16

Dartmouth Medical Student


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Hi there! I've attached a picture of me, Rachel Brickman '16, being attended to by Chad Howland, PT at the Heater Rd location of DHMC.

This January, I fell skiing and tore my ACL, MCL, and had a small meniscal injury as well. I just had surgery on Tuesday, March 12th at DHMC. My care every step along the way, from Dick's House at Dartmouth College to DHMC to physical therapy at Heater Rd has been amazingly compassionate and efficient.

I thought this showed a unique reversal of the service role highlighted during the 32 hours project. I am proud to be a Geisel student because I have experienced first-hand the excellent care and service provided by those healthcare professionals training the medical students. My injury and treatment have only made me more excited for the clinical training of third and fourth year!

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Rachel Brickman '16
Dartmouth medical student

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