Supportive Environment at Dartmouth and CPMC

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When Jeanie Ringelberg needed support, Dartmouth was there; now she brings it to people living with neurological challenges

Medical student Jeanie Ringelberg says she's "so thankful" to Geisel for being able to take some time off from her first year of medical school to be with her husband, Jake Quigley, before he was to undergo brain surgery related to his epilepsy.

Now a third-year student, Jeanie along with Jake have since created a non-profit organization called Outdoor Mindset, which focuses on "uniting and inspiring people affected by neurological challenges through a common passion for the outdoors." Some of these snapshots show her and Jake enjoying time and the great outdoors together.

Jeanie completed her clerkship in medicine this spring at the California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in San Francisco, which she calls a "great place and supportive environment for learning." Over the last few years, CPMC has become an increasingly important teaching hospital partner for the medical school and for students' clerkships and electives. A comprehensive academic medical center, CPMC is a popular location for Geisel students and offers a diverse patient population and an urban medicine experience for these doctors-to-be.

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